Marita Steffe Design
About Marita Steffe


Initial Design Consultation
At Marita Steffe Interior Design, I begin by listening. I ask my clients what’s working in the space, what’s not working, and what they need.

Build A Wish Book
I ask my clients to prepare for the next meeting by showing me what they like, using photos from popular design and shelter magazines. This gives me a sense of style, color, and sensibility. Instead of guessing what my clients like, now I know.

Now the fun starts. I take my clients shopping, visiting the Design Center, and showrooms throughout the bay area to find the unique expressions of their personal style.

Design Plan
Together my clients and I make a plan. I create a color plan, select paint chips, gather fabric samples, and show my clients pieces of furniture and accessories. Then we refine the plan, fine-tuning the color, the patterns, and pieces they want to keep.

When it comes time to implement the plan, I organize the workmen, schedule the job, and supervise the work in progress. Then we paint the walls, buy new furniture, or use their favorite pieces in a new setting.

Final Walk Through and Review
Finally, when the work is complete, I meet with my clients to assure that everything is done to their approval. When you look around and your home feels comfortable, functional and beautiful, then I know I’m done.